Monday, February 17, 2014

In Praise of Stella McCartney

As an animal lover and vegetarian, I am always looking for designer fashion that is animal friendly.  Particularly in the handbags and shoes departments.  So many great designers are all but forcing me to feel like a hypocrite.  In the fine dining world people are quick to criticize animal cruelty - veal, foie gras, etc.  But then calfskin dominates the high-end handbag lines and no one bats an eye - is this really any better than veal?  Becoming a mom has made me all the more sensitive to the plight of livestock. 

I was quick to pick up pieces in the Louis Vuitton coated canvas line as I thought that was the closest I could get to cruelty-free high-end handbags.  But even those have leather trim (and LV obviously specializes in various finishes of leather).  You can imagine my delight at stumbling upon the Stella McCartney Falabella line.  Each piece is stunning and so practical.  There are colors that wear more formal and plenty of casual and colorful tones.  All soft, packable, easy to carry, and accented with an edgy-yet-sophisticated curb chain.  These pieces really are for anyone and everyone. And new for 2013 and later years is a rose colored logo jacquard lining.  This is all not to mention the hundreds of other designs she has in handbags, clothes, and shoes. 

PS the pictures don't do these pieces justice.  Please check them out in person. You're welcome!