Monday, February 17, 2014

In Praise of Stella McCartney

As an animal lover and vegetarian, I am always looking for designer fashion that is animal friendly.  Particularly in the handbags and shoes departments.  So many great designers are all but forcing me to feel like a hypocrite.  In the fine dining world people are quick to criticize animal cruelty - veal, foie gras, etc.  But then calfskin dominates the high-end handbag lines and no one bats an eye - is this really any better than veal?  Becoming a mom has made me all the more sensitive to the plight of livestock. 

I was quick to pick up pieces in the Louis Vuitton coated canvas line as I thought that was the closest I could get to cruelty-free high-end handbags.  But even those have leather trim (and LV obviously specializes in various finishes of leather).  You can imagine my delight at stumbling upon the Stella McCartney Falabella line.  Each piece is stunning and so practical.  There are colors that wear more formal and plenty of casual and colorful tones.  All soft, packable, easy to carry, and accented with an edgy-yet-sophisticated curb chain.  These pieces really are for anyone and everyone. And new for 2013 and later years is a rose colored logo jacquard lining.  This is all not to mention the hundreds of other designs she has in handbags, clothes, and shoes. 

PS the pictures don't do these pieces justice.  Please check them out in person. You're welcome! 

Friday, January 10, 2014


I don't know where this came from.  One day I was walking around the mall doing xmas returns and minding my own business when suddenly I needed a pair of sunglasses.  I hadn't even seen any I liked.  But I suddenly started stopping at every rack at every department store (and some others) in the mall.  It was kind of an impulse but now that I have found them I'm not sure how I lived without them.  Behold....

The Tom Ford Jennifer. 
Although they look huge above, they are more subtle than most round shades, both in size and shape.  They are stunning in person and the gradient on my pair fades from a neutral brown to practically clear.  Go get 'em. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Top 13 of 2013

I can't believe how many contenders there have been, and I haven't even been blogging a whole year.  Lots of "can't live withouts" that didn't even make the list.  I've also included an "out with the old" collection below, I find warnings to be just as important as recommendations.  These lists cover beauty products, makeup, skin care, tools, and fragrances.  Not fashion though.  Also, I've ranked them from 13 to 1, with 1 being the highest rated of the year, by yours truly.

13th: Chanel Les Beiges.  I expected "nice" and splurged for the product everyone was raving about.  I was almost sure it wouldn't work on my very very light skin with red undertones.  I have like the anti-chanel skintone.  But it exceeded my expectations as a light base makeup that doesn't need much enhancement and goes on in seconds with no mess or cleanup. 

12th: Clinique's almost lipstick.  Despite my constant testing of higher-end options including Dior, YSL, and Guerlain, I always come back to this.  There are shades for every day (mine is tender honey) or more special occasions.  I had a dream featuring my sample size of black honey -  that's the affect these have had on my psyche.  The colors are natural and will look good on a variety of skintones, and they are so flattering.  Many of them are natural enough to put on without a mirror.  Others are a little flashier.  Clinique has really taken the top spot for lip color with this one.

11th: Sisley Paris's alcohol free floral toner.  This stuff is amazing, not only does it probably serve the intangible ph balancing function but seconds after I apply it my skin looks so much more even-toned, than pre-wash.  It's as if I'd gotten a full night sleep followed by a full spa hydration routine all in the last minute.  I love that it's alcohol free and it smells amazing but light and the scent doesn't linger.

10th: Este Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant and UV Defense SPF 50.  Really EL with these ridiculously long names (see also their mascara under honorable mentions).  The formula is magic though, this is the result of a couple years of searching for the perfect SPF.  It absorbs well, even over moisturizer, smells amazing, and has broad spectrum coverage at SPF 50.  It's even affordable.  It's the perfect storm.  And I've tried a lot of high end SPF creams.  My search has ended.  I wish it came in a bigger tube.

9th: Chanticaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer.   Unlike a lot of products on this list I discovered this before 2013.  The list is my favorite of the year, whether released this year or not.  This is simply the best tinted moisturizer out there.  I know everyone's in love with the Nars TM and that is a decent and more affordable alternative. But I found it settled into pores the way Chanticaille's doesn't.  Just Skin has the perfect luminescent quality to it and the colors are soooo natural.  It just doesn't get better than this for TM.  Which is surprising to me as I really can't stand some of this brand's other products.

8th:  Bobbi brown long wear gel liner.  The black is the best thing for tightlining.  Which I do for work every day under the top lash in addition to a pencil above the top lash.  A word of caution though - while the black goes on like butter and stays all day, i bought the blue (cobalt ink) and could not get it to stick.  It was ridiculous, the brush was saturated but it would not transfer to my eyelid.  It went back since it was basically useless.  I hope they haven't changed the formulation of the black since I bought that color. 

7th: Bare minerals precision face brushes.  This includes the full and travel sizes.  They are magic for powder or powder foundation.  I can't understand how I got this far in life without them (some brushes are like that - shout out to Laura Mercier's flat eyeliner brush).  This is the brush that makes everything (from morning setting powder to afternoon touch ups, to days when you only need a powder for coverage (hello weekends with les beiges) ) work.  I cannot recommend these enough, I love them both and since I bought them I've scarcely used any of my other powder brushes. 

6th:  Guerlain meteorites voyage compact.  This is a pricely little number but with an heirloom compact, a one-shade-fits-all formula, and a $55 refill - not to mention an effect that is pure magic - it is worth the investment.  There was a more affordable, more compact and more uniform alternative meteorites illuminating version which I can't find anywhere but which is almost equally amazing (blogosphere help me out).  I keep it in my makeup bag for daytime touch ups as the voyage compact is to precious to subject to every day handbag josteling. 

5th: Clarins Blue Orchid face oil.  I've tried quite a few face oils this year and while Josie Maran and Nude's are fine, this is in a different league.  This is the only overnight treatment I've used that has caused a noticeable difference in plumpness, tone, and reduced redness the next morning.  It's effect is really stunning.  It absorbs well, mixes with moisturizer, I use it under La Mer's ultrarich creme for my nightly routine.

4th: Clarisonic Mia 2.  This device has changed skincare forever, it's no secret.  I don't think it's fair to call this a cult favorite because the term "cult" implies some kind of faith among followers.  There's no faith required here, it just works.  Breakouts are less, skin treatments have a better chance to work, cell turnover is hastened.  It works with almost any non-abrasive cleanser.  There's nothing not to like, it will improve your skin.  Period. 

3rd:  La Mer Ultrarich Creme.  This is the flagship product for this brand and it's easy to see why.  Simple, straightforward, and effective.  No fancy Rx gimics, retinols or complications that cause a name to take up a whole paragraph, this stuff is simply really rich lotion made of the best ingredients on earth.  And it moisturizes like no other.  So if that's what you're looking for, give it a spin.  I use it for day and night.  I've never seen anything work so well on my super dry and sun/acne/chemially damaged skin.

2nd: Shu Uemura anti-oxi cleansing oil.  I bought this thinking I would use it for the occasional heavy makeup pre wash but I use it not only for nightly pre-washes, regardless of makeup, but sometimes as my only clenaser morning and night.  It's perfect, far better than the JM and Nude cleansing oils.

and, drumroll please..............

In first is the Diorshow Maximizer lash plumping serum.  I know.  I'm as surpirsed as you are that a mere primer, and an eyelash primer at that, blew me away so hard that it took my #1 spot for my first blogging year.  But it did.  This was the product that I couldn't live without on a daily basis and which has caused the biggest difference in my life. Certainly it has led to the most compliments.  And for good reason, it actually changes your appearance significantly - it lengthens and volumizes and people have asked me that question of questions: are those real?  Not to mention it makes every mascara flake and smudge proof so if you have a favorite mascara-except-for-that-[no staying power, smudgy, fill in the blank]-problem, this primer will probably fix it.   This is a no brainer and the alternatives I've tried haven't come close.  Get it and your life will change for the better. 

Honorable mentions (in no particular order):

  • Chanel Perfection Lumier foundation.  Great color match for me (and I almost never get a match with chanel), great coverage, SPF 15, my only disappointment is that it contains alcohol.
  • Este Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara. Despite the obnoxious run-on name, this was the biggest surprise of the year for me. I have adopted the "as big as you can make them without falsies" approach to lashes this year and this is the only mascara that doesn't look overdone but that similarly provides the best volume, thickness, and length enhancement of anything out there. Non clumpy, not too shiny, very natural looking. I got this as a sample, never would have tried it otherwise, but I'm so glad I did. 
  • Nars illuminator in orgasm.  Perfect illuminator and hint of color for your dewey look days.  If you apply it right on top and a little above your cheek bone it has this amazing two toned effect where the flat(ter) part of your face on top of your cheekbone is illuminated and you get a subtle flush of color to your cheeks.
  • YSL rebel nudes.  Favorite lip color of the year after Clinique's almost lipstick.  Great shades, good staying power.
  • Josie Maran coconut watercolor cheek gelee.  Amazing formula, natural ingredients, not an argan product so it doesn't come out greasy.  I LOVE this product, this will be in my makeup bag probably as long as they make it. 
  • Vaseline. seriously, as an eye contour and lip mask at a fraction of the price.  Good for sensitive skin.  I haven't found anything else that doesn't irritate my eyelids.  Stay tuned though, I just ordered Sisely Paris's eye mask. 
  • T3 single pass hair straightener.  This reduces the time it takes me to get ready and makes my hair sleek and shiny without damage, despite the one-temp setting (410 deg. F).  One pass indeed.  And I only have the travel size. 
  • Oscar blandi dry shampoo powder. This has been a staple for me and the larger size has lasted six months.  I am a dry shampoo believer because of this, it's saved my hair and saved my time.  Not sure if I will repurchase this or try the B&B pret-a-powder next. 

Out with the old:

These are a few misses for me this year.  I know several of them have received rave reviews but they just didn't work out for me.  Most of them were returned and none of them will be repurchased.  Again, in no particular order:

  • La mer cleansing lotion.  Expensive and not that special in terms of a cleanser.  It's not particularly moisturizing and irritates delicate areas - i.e. areas around the eyes where you would typically want to use a gentle cleansing lotion. 
  • Caudalie beauty elixer.  I know, this is bloggosphere blasphemy.  But I think this is kind of a gimmick.  It's alcohol with a few droplets of oil.  And who wants to spend all this time moisturizing and drinking lots of water only to spray alcohol all over your face.  And who wants to spend $50 a bottle doing it?  Beyond these complaints I certainly didn't see any change in my skin or think it served as an effective toner or setting mist.  It just made me feel dry.  I luckily only bought the small $18 bottle and have been using it as a facial antiseptic (think purell for your face) for days when I or my children happen to be touching my face a lot or when I just feel grimy like after a barre class.  But even in that regard I don't think it's particularly useful and I won't miss it. 
  • Chanticaille Sun Protection Primer.  Gross.  It's so greasy and oily.  I cannot wait until this runs out.  It has an SPF of 50 but at $90 a tube, it should have some other benefits.  It claims to be a primer, but just try to put makeup on top of it without making your face into a flesh-colored oil slick.  In fact if you look at the product on their website, it looks like they're trying to rebrand it as a sunscreen rather than as a primer.  Good move.  It probably is a very healthy-for-your skin SPF since it contains anti-inflammitory ingredients, and a little goes a long way, but unless you are made of money (that you like to waste) and don't need makeup, I'd stick to the Este Lauder offering in the top 13. 
  • Glam Glow Supermud Clearing treatment.  It's ok as a mud mask but there are cheaper alternatives.  I found this a little drying, and it didn't have any positive effect on my occasional acne.  In fact, every time I used it I noticed at least one new blemish. 
  • RMS living luminizer.  Not great. Though I did think the sheer shimmer was about right for highlighting areas you want to highlight, the consistency was a major turn off.  I felt like I was applying chapstick to my skin.  Totally blocking it off and preventing it from breathing.  Sure it's made out of natural ingredients, but that doesn't make it a good skin product.  Plus it was so thick that you kind of have to press on and stretch your skin to apply it.  And then you feel like you have grease paint on your cheekbones.  No thanks. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year's Rezzies

Not reservations. With 2 and 3 year olds I reserve the hours of 9-midnight to myself.  I might let my hubbie in on the fun if he's being nice.  For this post I'm talking resolutions.  Note that most of them have something to do with beauty, fashion, or health, or all three.  I think this is not uncommon.  Nothing is as obsession worthy as one's image, interestingly. 

Drink more water, 8 X 8.  This is the key ingredient I'm missing in my skincare routine, not to mention my general healthcare routine which has become non-existant in the last year.  I think water is sooo boring.  And, seperately (sort of), I bore easily.  Which boredom translates eventually into me loving alcohol.  Which I'm not ready to cut down on.  So rather than resolving to drink less alcohol, I'm resolving to drink more water.  8oz 8 times a day is supposed to be a minimum, but that's my starting point.  I will up the doseage of this important drug if necessary.

No new shoes for a year.  I know.  Blasphemy.  What is the point of being a fashion and beauty blogger?  All I can say is that I'm going back to basics fashion-wise, and I have basics when it comes to shoes.  In spades.  I have FOUR pairs of nude pumps, NOT including THREE pairs of work-appropriate nude sandals.  And there is plenty more to blog about.  I'm betting on it.  This is going to be a challenge though.  Probably the biggest of the list.

Find a job that I like. I didn't say love. I'm trying to be a realist here.  But I want to be able to put it away on the weekends and have some piece of mind that when my kids start school I'll be able to pick them up at 3pm, at least a couple times a week. 

Potty train both kids. Self explanatory.

Grow my hair out.  I cropped it last May.  Like chin-length bob.  Now it's a little lower than my collar bone.  But I want to return it to it's former mid-back length glory. I like to throw one easy one in there. Or one that will happen whether or not I try hard at it.  Or one over which I have no control. This satisfies all three.

Tackle liquid eyeliner.  I hate pencils.  I'm just going to say it.  Especially since I have really dry eyelids, so I moisturize them.  So pencils look good for about 7 minutes.  I'm really mad at how hard liquid is.  Because I love how it looks.  I'd love to master it...although I realise even the masters have trouble at it.  Why is this such a hard technique? 

Make $500 from things I already own.  I've developed a hobby of selling things on ebay and in thrift stores.  I've never really tracked how much I make and it's really a marginal activity of mine.  But I think $500 would be a respectable and realistic number.  I have a coach handbag and wallet and a Bose sounddock I need to get rid of.  Not to mention piles of both summer and winter clothes for plato's closet and crossroads to peruse.  I was going to put something like "be an anti-hoarder," but I already am one and I think goals need some specificity. 

More lip color.  This is the last frontier of makeup for me.  I've crept slowly since high school from even complection to eyes to contouring.  Lips have not yet been a high priority, whether because of my age or time limits.  But lately, it seems time.  Even when I stick to nudes, it makes SUCH a difference.  And I'm realizing that I look like a different person (in a good way) in certain non-neutrals. My plan: go outside of my comfort zone with color, and do some lip liner research. 

ORGANIZE.  Everything.  My house is 1350 sq feet of 1950's architecture and piping. It houses two toddlers, two adults, and a dog.  And the garage is near unuseable due to rat problems.  I am becoming more of an anti-hoarder as I type.  But it's not just being diligent about getting rid of things.  It's about not buying more crap and organizing what I have.  A sub-resolution could be: only buy what I came here for.  I succeeded in this by NOT buying the cutesy owl jewelry rack I saw in target today, I need less clutter, not more.  Better to invest in storage devices, not tabletop clutter machines.  So I will likely buy a larger jewelry box and donate the old one, rather than putting more crap on my dresser.  I want to be one of those people with really organized files and inboxes too.   Once I get my awesome job and all.

That's it for now, what are yours?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh holy grail

After spending much time and money on improving my skin, I've decided that, although things have improved in the clarity, tone, and elasticity department, I still could use a bit more coverage than my favorite favorite beloved tinted moisturizer (chanticaille's just skin) can offer.  I really can't say enough about that stuff, except that it's only SPF 15.  And it's very very expensive for a TM.  So off I went to the Chanel counter, naturally.  The blogosphere has been abuzz for a while now about the vitalumier line and Les Beiges.  I couldn't wait to try them, I even braved the xmas rush.  I had my heart set on the Vitalumier creme compact for a base.  The texture is heaven, it's moisturizing...the color selection, like too many of chanel's face makeup offerings, is horrible. So was the help. I picked up the lightest shade, it was too yellow.  So I asked the salesgirl for the tester of beige rose.  "I have red undertones," I explained.  "You might not want to highlight that," was her reply.  Thanks chanel girl!  The point is I want the makeup to match my skintone...that is base 101 stuff.  She insisted the lighter, yellower color would neutralize the redness.  It didn't, of course.  It just gave me a yellow cast and made me look like an alcoholic.  I ignored her and continued with my experimentation.  I did get my hands on the 22 (beige rose) but it was too orange. Disaster.  I was so disappointed.  I was very close to giving up on Chanel, I don't think I've ever seen such horrible color selections from any makeup brand, high or low end.  Not to mention quality control on the sales consultants.  It really does compromise a brand's credibility when I run into uneducated, pretentious, and dead-wrong consultants.  I suddenly feel like the brand is trying to put one over on me and that I'm smarter than that.  Anyway, in terms of bad color from Chanel, check out the Vitalumier Moisture-Rich Radience liquid in 007, i saw this online (the color on line is really really light, see Nordstrom's photo) and thought "perfect!" - an off-white shade, that is usually what ends up working for me.  In the real world though, it's yellow, and darker than most of the 20's shades in the other foundation formulations.  I wish I could do a side-by-side, it's grossly misleading.  Why does Chanel think everyone is dark orange or dark yellow? 

The diamond in the rough for me was Perfection Lumiere in shade 12 (beige rose).  It took three trips to two different chanel counters to discover this little bottle of heaven, but perfection it is. Great formula, even application, I don't end up with little dots of color over my pores like with SO many foundations (Chanticaille's just skin is the only other formulation that doesn't do this, just sayin.'  Even the Guerlain had to go back.).  The only thing wrong is that it does contain alcohol.  Not sure how I feel about that.  It's the seventh ingredient, I think I can overlook it.  My trusty Smashbox HD 15-hour makeup doesn't have alcohol, but Guerlain foundations do.  Not sure of the insistance on this horrible ingredient, I think it helps the formula stay fluid, maintain a longer shelf life, and then dry matte.  Alcohol is the number one reason I didn't even try vitalumier aqua ultra-light - it's the THIRD ingredient.  And it's one of the most popular face bases around.  Any comments on this from anyone?

Anyway, in terms of application, I use my bobbi brown foundation brush for the perfection lumiere and found my holy grail of powder foundation brushes in BareMinerals Precision Face Brush.  It's amazing.  I use it for the Les Beiges on days when I just need a light, quick, cover (hello weekends!) and the combo is magic.  Les Beiges covers better than most TMs and leaves a just-shy-of-luminescent glow.  That is to say there is no detectible glitter but my face still seems reflective and glowing after applying it to bare, moisturized skin.  I love it.  This might be a double-buy...that is one for home, one for the makeup bag. 

But I'm serious about this precision face brush.  I've tried others including the Shiseido perfect foundation brush, Bare Minerals is king here and I am NOT into their products, this just happened to stick out.  I love the brush so much I bought the retractable one to keep in my bag for touch ups.  I'm thinking of returning my Chanel powder brush cause you won't need another powder brush after you try the BM precision.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweater Weather tag

I have to give credit for this to the adorable and informative Little Red - I added and changed a couple.  **If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged**

1.  Favorite candle scent - I'm going to start off with a buzzkill right of the bat I guess.  I don't use candles.  Unless there's a blackout.  Then I use whatever I have stuffed in the back of my bathroom cupbord - usually cheap gifts from 10 years ago.  I don't hate christmas, or ambiance.  I kind of get it.  But I think I won't be a candle person any time soon and here's why: 1) I have small children 2) I have an almost obsessive compulsive fear of my house burning down, every time I light a candle for halloween or an outside bbq I start feeling paranoid that I'm goign to forget about it and hit the sack and wake up in a pile of flames.  In fact I didn't even use candles this halloween, I used those LED lights.  Thank god for those.  3) I used to be into candles but however delicious the scent, I would always get tired of it after a while.  4) I am an anti-hoarder, I don't like keeping non-essential things around.  Candles fall into that category. 

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate - it depends on the time of day, I like them all.  I typically have a mocha in the morning and tea during the day and evening.  I LOVE warm drinks.  They are so therapeutic.  I don't drink caffeine though, I kind of wish I did.  But it makes me too shaky and nervous, like a chihuahua.  So I drink a lot of decaf coffee and espresso and for tea I like mint. 

3.  Favorite memory of fall - watching the rain outside my parents huge picture window.  They have a beautiful lot and really tall lush redwoods providing a backdrop so when it would rain, you could see each individual drop.  And the room and window were so big and tall that you felt like you were right in the downpour, only you were warm and toasty at the time.

4.  Which makeup change do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? - this is tough.  I'm going with winged eyeliner.  So many people are pulling it off in very subtle ways.  I think it's so current and beautiful and it even works at the office.  Dark lips are fun for special occasions, but if everything else about your makeup and look aren't done right, it can look goth or cheap. 

5.  Preferred body fragrance - PRADA candy.  Flowerbomb is a close second.

6.  Favorite thanksgiving food - Tofurkey.  I'm a vegetarian and I've tried ALLLLLL the turkey alternatives and most of them are seriously gross.  This one is a perennial winner.  I can't wait!

7.  Does your skincare routine change in fall?  I have to take more incessant care of my lips and hands.  They get dry so much faster.  I use a lot more vaseline, my dirty little beauty secret.  And hand/nail treatments.  My face routine doesn't really change.  I always use a pretty rich cream morning and night. 

8.  Most worn sweater- honestly this year the award goes to the drapy black cardigan from WHBM that I described here.  It was an impulse purchase that I felt kind of guilty about, like what do I need this for?  But now I don't know what I would have done in the past couple months without it.

9.  Most worn fall nail polish? - reds.  And dark colors - dark navy, garnet, emerald. 

10.  Puddle jumping or sitting by the fire? The fire, for sure.  I get a lot of both with kids.  Puddle jumping and walking around in the rain is fun (for like 20 minutes) and I can pretend its exercise, but I much prefer being warm and cozy.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings - I am a skinny jeans girl.  I LOVE leggings and despite having a pretty decent bod (if i do say so myself), I think I am over the age limit for leggings unless I'm wearing them with a dress. 

12.  Favorite starbucks seasonal flavor? salted caramel.  I love caramel, and I love sweet and salty anything.  Seriously, I put sea salt and sometimes pretzles on my ice cream.

13. Favorite thing to watch on TV when it's raining/snowing?  Same as what I like to watch when it's not cold out.  I like reality tv.  I love million dollar listing, some of the talent/singing shows, Parenthood (I know, not reality), the Shahs and the Real Housewives.

14.  What is the fall weather like where you live? I live in northern california and it gets to be in the high 50's, low 60's during the day, and it rains every few weeks.  Pretty innocuous.

15Does your exercise routine change in the cold weather?  I don't really have a "routine" per say right now.  I do some walking and running outside and that takes some warm gear if it's cold or rainy.  I'm usually decked out in lululemon. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Shopping!

Are you one of those people who can't get a round of xmas shopping in without treating yourself to a little something?  Well consider yourself forgiven.  You deserve it for dealing with gridlock parking lots, rain, kids (your own or others'), lines, and paralyzing indecision (again, your own or others').  Here's what I got myself during yesterday's gift haul:
It's so great.  I saw it in a gift set and went directly to the Chanel counter to get the full-priced single.  What can I say.  When you see "the one" you just know.  This is actually my first true red shade.  I never thought of myself as a true red nail or lip kind of girl but I am going to have to re-think that because I'm in love with this.  It's the perfect holiday color too. 

The first coat went on a little fuchia but by the second coat it was true to the bottle, and even a bit more burgundy than it looks in the picture (which looks downright pink on my monitor - sorry, again with my dreams of getting a real camera).  Chanel gets a lot of flack for chipping but I've found that this stays on as well as any of my Dior shades, although not as well as Guerlain or Illamasqua. 

I also found these amazing gift sets for some lovely ladies on my list: 

These both feature Philosophy's  miraculous shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath-in-one as well as an extra matching festive product.  There were even more selections at Nordstrom and most are around $25 and under.  Perfect for teachers, friends, in-laws, people for whom you need to get a "little something" and more affordable (and more useful imho) than a starbucks card.