Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweater Weather tag

I have to give credit for this to the adorable and informative Little Red - I added and changed a couple.  **If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged**

1.  Favorite candle scent - I'm going to start off with a buzzkill right of the bat I guess.  I don't use candles.  Unless there's a blackout.  Then I use whatever I have stuffed in the back of my bathroom cupbord - usually cheap gifts from 10 years ago.  I don't hate christmas, or ambiance.  I kind of get it.  But I think I won't be a candle person any time soon and here's why: 1) I have small children 2) I have an almost obsessive compulsive fear of my house burning down, every time I light a candle for halloween or an outside bbq I start feeling paranoid that I'm goign to forget about it and hit the sack and wake up in a pile of flames.  In fact I didn't even use candles this halloween, I used those LED lights.  Thank god for those.  3) I used to be into candles but however delicious the scent, I would always get tired of it after a while.  4) I am an anti-hoarder, I don't like keeping non-essential things around.  Candles fall into that category. 

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate - it depends on the time of day, I like them all.  I typically have a mocha in the morning and tea during the day and evening.  I LOVE warm drinks.  They are so therapeutic.  I don't drink caffeine though, I kind of wish I did.  But it makes me too shaky and nervous, like a chihuahua.  So I drink a lot of decaf coffee and espresso and for tea I like mint. 

3.  Favorite memory of fall - watching the rain outside my parents huge picture window.  They have a beautiful lot and really tall lush redwoods providing a backdrop so when it would rain, you could see each individual drop.  And the room and window were so big and tall that you felt like you were right in the downpour, only you were warm and toasty at the time.

4.  Which makeup change do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? - this is tough.  I'm going with winged eyeliner.  So many people are pulling it off in very subtle ways.  I think it's so current and beautiful and it even works at the office.  Dark lips are fun for special occasions, but if everything else about your makeup and look aren't done right, it can look goth or cheap. 

5.  Preferred body fragrance - PRADA candy.  Flowerbomb is a close second.

6.  Favorite thanksgiving food - Tofurkey.  I'm a vegetarian and I've tried ALLLLLL the turkey alternatives and most of them are seriously gross.  This one is a perennial winner.  I can't wait!

7.  Does your skincare routine change in fall?  I have to take more incessant care of my lips and hands.  They get dry so much faster.  I use a lot more vaseline, my dirty little beauty secret.  And hand/nail treatments.  My face routine doesn't really change.  I always use a pretty rich cream morning and night. 

8.  Most worn sweater- honestly this year the award goes to the drapy black cardigan from WHBM that I described here.  It was an impulse purchase that I felt kind of guilty about, like what do I need this for?  But now I don't know what I would have done in the past couple months without it.

9.  Most worn fall nail polish? - reds.  And dark colors - dark navy, garnet, emerald. 

10.  Puddle jumping or sitting by the fire? The fire, for sure.  I get a lot of both with kids.  Puddle jumping and walking around in the rain is fun (for like 20 minutes) and I can pretend its exercise, but I much prefer being warm and cozy.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings - I am a skinny jeans girl.  I LOVE leggings and despite having a pretty decent bod (if i do say so myself), I think I am over the age limit for leggings unless I'm wearing them with a dress. 

12.  Favorite starbucks seasonal flavor? salted caramel.  I love caramel, and I love sweet and salty anything.  Seriously, I put sea salt and sometimes pretzles on my ice cream.

13. Favorite thing to watch on TV when it's raining/snowing?  Same as what I like to watch when it's not cold out.  I like reality tv.  I love million dollar listing, some of the talent/singing shows, Parenthood (I know, not reality), the Shahs and the Real Housewives.

14.  What is the fall weather like where you live? I live in northern california and it gets to be in the high 50's, low 60's during the day, and it rains every few weeks.  Pretty innocuous.

15Does your exercise routine change in the cold weather?  I don't really have a "routine" per say right now.  I do some walking and running outside and that takes some warm gear if it's cold or rainy.  I'm usually decked out in lululemon. 

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