Saturday, November 16, 2013

The transition

I wrote about an impending change in work and financial circumstances in my opening post.  Well, the change is upon us.  I am currently a somewhat highly-paid professional with a lot of stress and little time for my kids and hobbies and this winter I am finally going to make the move to a new career.  It will pay probably about half (or less) of what I'm making now which means my choices in fashion and beauty will be somewhat different.  Particularly in fashion.  No more burberry coats, no more tall leather boots and Manolos.  Not for a while.  In fact, my new year's resolution this year is not to buy a single pair of new shoes.  You read that right.  I think I can do it because I have classic style and thus far have had expensive taste - the collection I have should last me for a while both in terms of being fashion-forward and high-quality.  Since I don't know what kind of office culture I will walk into on my next job, I am also at a loss about what to wear there.  But stay tuned.  Cosmetic choices will probably vary a little less, the price point on luxury beauty items is typically just not as high compared to designer clothing.  And I am very committed to quality skincare and makeup.  With clothes, it's easier to fake being expensive-looking.

This transition should make my posts all the more interesting and relevant.  And I may cover more than just my own spending and hauls in these two categories.  E.g. it's the giving season and I plan to include a lot about what to buy discerning family members, particularly when they're used to luxury goods like retail-priced Kate Spade wallets and Coach watches. 

But first, in the way of some eye candy and review material, my last two lululemon purchases (for a while):

Dog Runner ($118): For dropping the kids off at daycare on a stay-at-home work day, or going to the beach or for a hike on the weekends.  This is flattering, technically appropriate, and appropriately casual.  The lining is so so warm and is almost a separate legging, but is sewn into the looser shell at the top.  I got inkwell.

Stuido Pant ($118 with liner, $108 without): Similar to the Dog Runner but more rouched and without the clingy lining.  I have THREE pairs of studio crops and wear them all.  A lot.  During the summer.  This is the perfect addition to my fall casual wardrobe.  I will probably get them in black.  They serve basically the same purpose as the ones above, just a slightly different style.  The unlined version serves as a nice cover up on your way to yoga or a loose long sport pant, the lined version is for cold wintery outings. 

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