Sunday, September 15, 2013

And the winner is....FALL!

I took a little trip to my local Nordstrom and got the black T-strap Beverly!  To be honest I liked the non-T-strap a little better.  It's SOOOO classy on.  But this is my first pair of Guccis and what I didn't know is that their heels are not for girls with narrow heels.  Sadly, my foot slipped right out of a 35.  And the shoe doesn't come in a 34.5.  When I see strappy shoes like mary janes, strappy sandles, and t-straps, I have to jump on them.  And Nordies had to call around to find the last 35 black t-strap in the company. 
This is going to be a little over the top, even in a law firm.  And yet it's not so over the top that I could resist them.  The heel is conservative and the better they stay on, the better and more natural the person wearing them looks.  They are extremely wearable. 
Incidentally, there was more than one winner.  Another was a Laboutin Piou Piou in dark metallic red, almost burgundy.  They are so special.  I can't find a picture of the red anywhere online so I'll have to wait until they arrive and take pictures.  Below is the shoe in black.  The dark red goes SO well with the red sole.  This is also my first pair of Laboutins.  I'm starting to build a collection of one shoe of each major designer (so far I have YSL, Manolo, and Christian Dior - and now Gucci and Laboutin) but I haven't been back to the same one twice.   One of these days I'll do a 'what's in your designer shoe collection' video. 

Again I'm hoping these are not choices that take me away in the store and then end up looking overdone in the office.  But I think the conservative design of the Piou Piou is classy enough and I've been looking for the perfect wine-colored heels for years.  Who knew that would be an "it" color this fall.  While we're on the topic I want to recommend Ann Taylor's double strap mary janes (Jessy), but they run big and unfortunately I ordered a 5.5 and by the time I tried to exchange them for a 5 the 5's were out.  Story of my life.  They are a cute and very comfortable shoe at a fraction of the price of the big guns above. 

Finally, and this might be old news, but have you tried the Cassidy Booty from Cole Haan?  I got the brown leather last year and tried to find black as well but again, my size (5.5 this time) had sold out.  I looked everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  So you can imagine my delight when I walked in the store the other day thanks to their 25% off sign outside and found a whole new crop of Cassidys (in nubuck this year) waiting for me.  I tried them on with my new 'boysenberry' 7 for Mankind skinny jeans and the salesperson told me I should just walk out of the store like that - the looked so amazing. 

These are so versitile, so comfortable, and so flattering.  I don't own two of any other model of shoe.  That's how amazing they are.  Most of the colors they come in go with any color jeans, skinny or bootcut, work pants, even skirts if they're a little flouncy.  They can't replace a stilleto black bootie but they cover all the other bases.
Ok, I'm cut off of shoes for the year now (with the exception of a tall black boot that I might reward myself around review time).  But I will return to the subject when I review the Piou Pious and Beverlys once they arrive. 

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