Monday, September 9, 2013

Week long foundation brush challenge: Day 1

Holy streakshow.  I might break down and buy a higher quality brush before the week ends.  There is no reason for streaks with a quality foundation.  I had to use some serious technique to get rid of the lines.  Also I noticed the brush applies the product very shallowly, for lack of a better word.  by that I mean the product doesn't get deposited in hard to reach places like crevaces, lines and pores.  That might seem like a good thing but it actually served to highlight lines and pores since those areas didn't get makeup on them while the surrounding areas did.  Stippling helped that.  Just something to be aware of.  Otherwise the brush makes for a cleaner and more even application than fingers, but so far the sponge still wins on effectiveness, too bad about the waste.  Speaking of waste, when I went to clean the brush there was a lot of product remaining which made me wonder if brushes are really all that superior on this front...if anyone knows of an analysis of brush vs sponge vs finger product waste, please post it in the comments.  The product left in the brush also made for a long cleaning session.  I use Clinique's brush cleaner which is amazing and affordable ($15 for 8oz.) and deserves the rave reviews it gets, but even then I had to do the process twice.  It made for a long morning. 

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