Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sponge vs Brush

I picked up my full size Guerlain Parure de Lumier today, much to my relief, right above the SPF 25 were the words "broad spectrum," which hadn't appeared until now.  They've changed the packaging since taking their marketing shots.  Even the Nordstrom and Guerlain reps I asked over the last week didn't know if the formula was broad spectrum.  Turns out it is.  Or professes to be.

In any case, unboxing the new foundation inspired me to try a week-long foundation brush challenge.  I've always used makeup sponges to apply foundation (fingers for tinted moistruizer) and I love the effect and the low maintenance of sponges for foundation.  Stippling is easy, finish is great, building is easy, and you just throw 'em out after a few days.  I haven't given in to the beauty blender craze just because I hate maintenance (and the idea of spending $20 on a disposeable makeup sponge).  So I've stuck with the white triangulars sponges you can get at your local drusgstore.  But having just spent $70 on a foundation it's hard for me to overlook one of the biggest problems with sponges which is waste of product.  The other biggest problem is bacteria spread and acne promotion but in order for this not to apply to brushes too the brush has to be cleaned basically daily.  So my plan is to switch to a foundation brush for a week with the intent of washing it daily to see if I like the application, if I can stick with the cleaning routine given my limited time in the morning, and whether it improves my skin to have less bacteria introduced then would be the case with a sponge or finger application.  

The only foundation brush I have is from Target.  Seriously.  That's how long its been since I entertained the idea of a foundation brush.  I was a student shopping for makeup implements at Target.  So that's the brush i'm going to use for the challenge. 

If I stick with it, I've already picked out the better quality brushes I plan to choose between.  The Shiseido 'Perfect' Foundation Brush ($30), and the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush ($38).

The Shiseido has a unique shape and is best used only after watching a YouTube tutorial.  It won' InStyle's best foundation brush award for 2013.  The Bobbi Brown is as tried-and-true as the rest of the brush line.  These brushes both have stellar reviews.  Let me know your vote in the comments! 

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