Friday, September 13, 2013

Obsession of the moment: Gucci 'Beverly'

Are you kidding me?  It's patent leather, work-appropriate height, adorable, and comfortable.  What is a girl to do?

AnOther pair of patent black pumps (to go with my manolo camparis) with a maybe-too-sexy-for-work t-strap?  Or anOther neutral color patent pump to go with my copius other pairs of nude heels...I have to get one of them.  It would be a crime not to.  They are works of art.  Both pairs. 

When I buy shoes I buy them for work.  And the black looks like it's ready for a party.  I have the YSL Tributes in patent leather for that (check these out, my favorite party shoes ever but can be dressed down). The mauve is amazing but a) won't stay on as well if you have a narrow heel and b) may seem redundant when stacked up against the three other pairs of nude pointy-toe shoes I own.  .....         Any votes either way? 

It will probably come down to whether I can get either in a 35.  This must be the most universally popular size because I can rarely find it.  For those that are feeling a little crazy it comes in the on-trend leopard print and in a grey tweed too, both in a slightly higher heel height.  $595-$895...but who's checking when the shoes are this breathtaking? 

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