Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brush vs. Sponge: The Verdict


First a review of the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush.  It is worth the hype.  Recall how fond I was of my little Target trooper.  Unpackaging the BB brush made me feel like I was finally running with the big dogs.  The photo below shows them side-by-side for comparison.  And it doesn't just look more luxurious, it is softer, stipples better, and streaks less than the cheaper version.  I've cleaned and dried it twice now within 48 hours and it seems to be in good shape.  I know some may find that obvious but if a brush is going to wear out with washings, it typically shows some fuzziness on the first wash.  Take for example the Sephora professional fan brush.  Don't buy it.  It's frizz city after one wash.  I'm not going to waste any more time reviewing that one unless someone specifically requests more details.  Just don't buy it.  I'm serious. 

Anyway, so the BB brush is amazing, and the bigger size means more coverage each stroke and less time at the mirror.  I love it.  This is the third I've tried this month and my search is over for a while.


Both the BB and the Target brush (the one on the right, I wish I knew the manufacturer, this is a shoo-in for best budget buy - I've had it for positively YEARS and it still looks and acts new, if a bit less effective than it's more expensive counterpart) required exactly 1.5 pumps of Guerlain Parure de Lumier to cover my face adequately.  Foundation is generally not designed to cover every last inch of your face, it's more for problem areas.  But I have some overpigmentation issues - it's like freckles but not that cute.  So I put foundation everywhere except on my eyelids and brows.  That's not an overwhelming amount of product. 

And the sponge that I've been using for years requires.....(drumroll)


...2.5 pumps.  And the coverage is definitely more sheer.

And that's what the thing looks like at the end, lots left over.   

That's from ONE use!  I do miss how quick and easy the sponge is.  But as I've said, I'm pretty grossed out that I've been letting sponges go for so long before throwing them out.  I have to say that I think my skin is actually better having committed to a brush and daily washings over this past week.  It might be a coincidence.  But it does make sense. 

*I am embarrassed by the quality of these pictures.  The lighting is bad and yellow, the camera is not a dslr.  I think blogs are so vastly improved by good pictures and video and it is my intention to improve at this.  If this blog ever blows up, so to speak, I will definitely reward myself with a fancy camera. 

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